Mags Sofa


We love the Hay Mags Sofa because of it's simple, stylish Scandinavian design.

The high arm rests and deep seat make this designer sofa ideal for relaxation, meanwhile its firm composition with no detachable cushions makes sure it maintains its shape and always looks good.

Hay also ensure their sofa offers the highest quality details in terms of composition, durability, interior padding and suspension. 

Prices are for our best selling Hallingdal 65 fabric in 130 grey colour - however other fabrics and configurations can be quoted on and ordered

2.5 seater: 228cm W x 95.5cm D x 67cm H (2 modules each 91.5cm)

3 seater: 268.5cm W x 95.5cm D x 67cm H (3 modules each 74.5cm)

Modular: 304cm W x 127.5cm D x 67cm H (chaise longue, middle, lounge modules)

Lead time for manufacture and delivery of the Hay sofa is approximately 6 to 8 weeks